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About us


BoLingo j.d.o.o. is a company that will tend to your intellectual needs with love. The word “Bolingo“ /bəʊlɪŋgəʊ/ comes from the African language Ngala (Lingala) and stands for “Love“. Our Croatian BoLingo offers you love for languages, along with translation services, interpretation, localization and proofreading services. Striving for quality, precision and accuracy, we offer you impeccable intellectual services. We also offer a voice-over service in Croatian, English, German and Italian language.

Also, we offer translation services at the most efficient and economic level (our translators use CAT tools), while the quality of the translation is significantly better. Let us send you an offer for the translation of large documents using CAT tools: instructions for use, manuals, brochures, software strings, medical texts…
Our long-term cooperation with Croatian and international companies as well as various awards is an indicator of our good quality.

Translation technology

We process your documents with the most modern and top-quality translation tools. Our experience includes over a million translated words in the fields of informatics, multimedia, engineering, medicine, automotive industry, tourism... Most of these translations were done in cooperation with large companies and on their servers, accessed through translation programs such as SDL trados, Across, MemoQ, etc. At your request, we also make special glossaries for the terminology most often used in your documents, which we then incorporate into translation memories, thus saving your money and the translator's time. With or without CAT tools, our final product is always lexically and grammatically impeccable. This does not apply to court interpretations, but solely to documents of a larger linguistic corpus.

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Experience & how-to

Ten-year experience gained through cooperation with companies and agencies from all over Croatia and the world created a positive “fama volat“ effect among clients and our work has become recognized and appreciated. We will hardly reveal you the references of some of the many companies we have worked with due to privacy issues, but you can try us with a free test translation of up to 150 words. Our advantage is that we are still a small company with a maximum of five employees, which means that we still have room for a completely customized approach to each client.

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Workshops and Consulting

Our experienced translators and court interpreters are honed in their work and mutual satisfaction is always our priority. In addition to the credit rating of excellence (Bisnode) AA, we also received an award from the Women in Adria network for the most successful micro-company in 2022. We are members of the largest European association in the language industry, ELIA, and we have attended more than 15 different conferences and workshops around the world. We bought almost all translation tools and went through expensive training to work with them. In Croatia, we regularly attend workshops and lectures related to the industry and changes and improvements in the language. On our blog, we actively inform you about everything that concerns us. You can check the latest news, learn something new or just have a good laugh on our social network profiles: LinkedIn, Facebook and Instagram.

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Professional translations

Translations done with all CAT tools

Make the most out of the financial benefit of translating with CAT tools!

BoLingo translates on a different, more efficient and economic level. This advantage will be of great benefit to clients with large amount of translation documents, companies that want to place their product on foreign market, but also to individuals who often require translation services.

This method is still somewhat unknown in the Croatian market and large companies don’t enjoy its benefits as much as they could.

What are CAT tools and how do they work?

For starters, the abbreviation CAT stands for Computer-assisted translation, that is the use of computer software as support in the process of translation. No, this does not mean that the computer does all the work. It’s a bit more complicated than that and the tranlsator’s intellectual efforts remain the same.

Let us illustrate it with an example:

Let’s say you have a big catalogue and you need it translated. Such document is ideal for translation with the CAT tool. The catalogue is filled with tables, formatting, and words that are often repeated. This kind of document is perfect for CAT tool translating. The translator opens your document with the CAT tool, sets the parameters for the source and target language, creates translation memory and begins to translate. Every translated word is recorded into the translation memory. In case a word, a phrase or even a sentence repeats itself, the memory enters it directly into the translation, allowing for the following: time saving and money saving – the translator doesn’t have to type in the same word, phrase or sentence over and over again and if the word, phrase of sentence is a 100 percent match, all such words are not calculated into the price of the translation.

BoLingo possesses all kinds of translation tools, and a precise calculation of all repetitions and the total number of standard pages and words, together with the price offer are sent to you before the beginning of translating.

We offer this option exclusively to long-term clients and clients with large amounts of text.

Certified translations

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    We offer certified translations for German, English and Italian language. Please, send your documents to infođ(at)bolingo.hr or via WhatsApp. Documents must be scanned/photographed, visible and legible. You will receive an offer from us that you certainly won't refuse, because we adapt the price to the amount of your documentation too. :) We send documents to all corners of the world, and we translate within a deadline that suits both you and us. We don't like to work in a hurry!

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    Thousands and thousands of translated…

    - confirmations
    - diplomas and certificates
    - contracts
    - excerpts
    - medical documents
    - verdicts
    - …you name it!

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    Yes, it's also possible to send us already translated documents, neatly formatted and organized. We proofread them carefully and send them back to you, whether it's professional translation such as scientific article or certified translation such as your diploma. The price is 50% lower than the price of the translation itself.



In 2021 we decided to offer something more dynamic than sitting at a computer – voice-over! You must be wondering what that is. In short – we use our voice talent to reproduce blocks of text, advertisements or informative text. Voice recording within the scope of this service implies an excellent command of mother tongue, dialects, an interesting and pleasant tone of voice, acting talent, a special reading technique, professional equipment and many other factors. In addition, we provide voice-over services in Croatian, Serbian, Bosnian, German, English and Italian.

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We prefer it when you contact us via e-mail, but you can send us a WhatsApp message too. You can ask us anything related to our services or request a price evaluation for larger translations, and you can expect a prompt response. Our headquarters are at Gradišćanska 30, Zagreb

Contact info

Prices are based on the following unit: 1 translation card of 1500 characters with spaces. This is also the minimum calculation price for all translations. The price of certified translations varies depending on the urgency of the document, so we recommend that you send an inquiry first.

Telephone & WhatsApp: +385 98 9973 870

Special prices: info(at)bolingo.hr

General enquiries: info(at)bolingo.hr